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5-Star Day is the perfect mobile app to help you make daily improvements in your life.

Establish Good Habits. And keep them.

With 5-Star Day, establishing and maintaining good habits has never been easier.

Personal statistics. Compete against yourself.

See how long of a streak you can achieve by having repeated 5-star days, and view your performance on a chart.


Five tasks per day. Every day.

Not too many, not too few. Write your own definition of success.

Set custom notifications. Because we all forget sometimes.

Set a daily notification as a reminder to score yourself. Just pick the time of day, and 5-Star Day will handle the rest.

1. Download the app

Now available for iPhone!

2. Upgrade your life

Enjoy small daily wins, and watch as they add up.

How will you improve?

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." --Aristotle
5-Star Day is the perfect app to help establish great habits and make small, incremental improvements in your life.
The philosophy behind 5-Star Day is simple: Pick five things you want to accomplish every day and you'll get a star for each one you complete. It's a quick way for you to self-assess at the end of the day.

Download 5-Star Day from the iOS App Store today.

5-Star Day is available on all iPhones 4s and above.